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1 unbeatable product to ease your COVID-19 travel woes

What is worse than feeling pressure to travel during a pandemic? Whether that be for a funeral, wedding, or simply for your mental sanity. I think it is safe to say that most of the world is struggling with feeling the pressure to live life but also staying safe for yourself, loved ones, and others while doing it. It can be difficult navigating these unknown times, but one thing is certain, life must go on! 

That's just it, life must go on, the phrase that gives me the most anxiety! How am I expected to live my life when there is a global pandemic underway?! All the while, I am in the high risk category due to my severe asthma. I have struggled with these circumstances since this all started and the only solution / advice I can give you is ADAPT! Adapt to the "new normal" by finding ways to be more comfortable while living your life in a mask. 

Recently I traveled on a plane to attend a wedding. Being in the airport and on the plane was the longest time I have been in a mask continually without removing it. The weeks leading up to my trip were full of anxiety and worry due to my chronic asthma concerns. I could not stomach how I was going to make it this long with a mask on. I knew that it was for the best and I had no way around it, but the discomfort of feeling obstructed while I breathe was a major problem for me that I needed to solve before my trip.

For my entire life, navigating the struggle of having asthma has been a problem. I could barely participate in gym class in grade school, I had to slack off during conditioning for every sport I played, my mom had to toss me my inhaler in the middle of a soccer game while playing. I have just now gotten over wearing high waisted things, until now I NEVER wore anything high waisted because I could not bare my torso being constricted. This goes for anything on my torso for that matter, laying down having the channel changer on my torso while watching tv, my partner cuddling me with the weight of their arms on my torso, no can do. While sleeping the covers or pillow can't be in the way of my mouth or nose, I need a clear unobstructed line of cool fresh air, always. This condition has affected my daily life for as long as I can remember. 

So, I started brainstorming ideas that would help ease my worry and anxiety while being confined in the mask. I thought maybe a cooling towel, or a fan would help but there was no way to be sure. I needed something to make me feel like I was breathing cool clean oxygen without feeling obstructed. 

About a week before my trip I was at the hardware store grabbing a few things around the house when something caught my eye. It was a travel size Boost Oxygen canister. I pondered the thought for a moment and decided this just may be my saving grace for finding comfort during my extended time in a mask. Turns out I was right! 

This little can of oxygen made my trip comfortable, bearable, and even refreshing at times! I was able to insert the mouthpiece up under my mask and inhale the oxygen with no problem. It was quick, easy, quiet, discreet, and there whenever I needed it. 

Necessity, purpose, and principle of masks aside, breathing in carbon dioxide over and over is not good for you. Now, this is not an excuse to ditch the mask and go without! It is just a simple fact that everyone should be aware of. Breathing in too much carbon dioxide is bad for you and can cause negative effects on the body. With that being said, a solution is necessary given the circumstances of masks being mandatory! It is imperative to keep your body in good health by replenishing its oxygen supply while wearing a mask for hours on end.

 That solution is Boost Oxygen! 

Boost Oxygen is an all natural compressed oxygen that is recommended for non-medical use. My personal favorite time to utilize this product is during strenuous activities, a hangover, while flying, an asthma attack, while at altitude, hiking and more. It comes in 3 aromas, peppermint, pink grapefruit, menthol-eucalyptus which are available in 3 sizes. 

Oxygen is a necessity for all humans, after all, your cells need it for fuel! With the growing amount of air pollutants and other air quality hazards (like wildfire smoke), it is important to be aware and ensure your body is getting enough healthy oxygen on a daily basis.  At sea level, oxygen is plentiful, but it may not be clean. As you gain elevation, keep in mind the less oxygen is available. When your body isn't getting enough oxygen it can cause you to feel sleepy and even weaken your immune system which can be detrimental during a pandemic.

With that being said, Oxygen keeps us all alive, while living through a pandemic or not. So, don't forget that wearing a mask is a must, but getting enough healthy Oxygen to your body and cells is an even bigger must.

Click here to check out this product for yourself and let me know what you think!

This is not a sponsored post, just a wonderful product that has allowed me to feel healthier while rocking a face mask during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

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