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7 Products & Practices to make your home more Eco-Friendly

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen like I do, then these products / practices are easy and affordable ways for you to become more eco-friendly in your day to day practices. Most of the things mentioned here are less than $30 each, which is wonderful, because for me price is a big factor.

Prior to beginning this transition, I was overwhelmed at the thought, and the cost I assumed I would be in for. I put it off, time and time again. However, I began to realize, I was putting pressure on myself for no reason. The transition doesn't have to happen all at once, and if you do your research, there are very affordable brands out there. Cost was the biggest factor for me, so I decided as I ran out of things I would research and replace with an eco-friendly version, if I could afford it. Some months I would replace one or two items with eco-friendly versions, some months I wouldn't replace anything. It all depended on the item cost and if I could make it work at that time. It has taken me months to transition to these products, and there are still many I intend to transition to that will take me even more months.

For example, regular liquid dish soap is $3-$5 at the grocery store. The No Tox Life Vegan Dish Bar is around $10, and I get it on Amazon. So if this is a switch you intend to make, you have to account for time in transit and shipping cost. But keep in mind, the additional cost will be offset by the time it takes you to run out, the No Tox Life Bar lasts be about 4 months.

*My tip is to buy this bar early enough for it to arrive before the dish liquid is empty. Another tip is to buy the bar when you are buying other Amazon items, $25 cart total = free shipping.

*Perks = the dish bar lasts 3-5 months depending on the household and dish washing volume.

- 7 products & practices to implement in your home for a more eco-friendly lifestyle

  1. Bamboo Dish Brush $13.99 (2 handles + 6 heads)

Replace your dish brush with this bamboo one. This bamboo dish brush is slim and fits into cups and mugs easily. For the price of $13.99 you get 2 bamboo handles, and 6 bamboo scrubber heads. I've had the same brush head on for over 5 months and It is still in good shape. The bristles don't get smashed down at all, it holds suds well and rinses out easily. It is recommended that you store the brush somewhere dry when not in use, to allow the bamboo to dry out in between uses. This keeps the brush in good condition and prevents wear. I would assume this set would last a minimum of 2 years. The other brush heads can also be used around the house to clean floor boards, showers, sinks, carpet stains etc.

Link to purchase:

2.No Tox Life Dish Bar $9.98

Replace your plastic packaged liquid dish soap with this eco-friendly dish bar that lasts for months. This bar is genius, it works well and the sudds are strong and lasting. I thought the bamboo bristles on my brush were going to wear away the bar quickly but it didn't at all. The bar is so solid, it lasted my household of 3 people, over 4 months. You simply wet the brush and scrub it on the bar until suds appear. I recommend keeping the bar in a draining soap dish to allow the water to drip off the bar. Pour out any excess water from the soap dish daily to allow the bar to dry in between uses, this will make the bar last longer. Also, ensure there are no food particles in the brush prior to scrubbing on the bar, food particles will get stuck and dry on the bar if not rinsed prior.

Link to purchase:

3. Blueland dishwasher tablets 40 pack for $14

Replace your plastic stored harsh dishwashing detergent with Blueland dishwasher tablets. Blueland is a company that sells cleaning kits with an array of refill tablet options. The idea is, you buy a glass bottle from them and any of their refills, such as hand soap tablets to make your own soap in that bottle, over and over. Their packaging is eco friendly and their cleaning product ingredients are clean. I only buy the refill pouches and store them in my own mason jar. I also use their laundry tablets and I love the results. My dishes are sparkling clear with these tablets, honestly, no water spots just crystal clear. There is also no weird cloudy/greasy residue some detergents leave behind, I really love the level of cleanliness Blueland products provide!

Link to purchase:

4. Mind your faucet water

Be aware of your water usage, try not to waste a drop. You can do this by making a few small adjustments. Make sure the pot is under the faucet when you turn the water on to fill the pan, turn the faucet off before moving the pan to the stove. Don't walk away with the faucet on, even if you're waiting for it to get hot. Don't turn the faucet on full blast for smaller or shorter tasks. If you have 2 sinks, you can fill both with water for a big batch of dishes, use one side for dirty / cleaning and one side for clean / rinsing. Turn the faucet off in between tasks, like brushing teeth or shaving. Never leave the water running for long periods of time. Repurpose your water, water your plants with the water you used to boil veggies, let it cool and pour into plants. Collet rain to water your lawn or outdoor plants. These things may not seem like much, but you'd be surprised once you really start paying attention on how much water you can save. Teach your kids and family these water saving tricks!

5. Reusable Paper Towels $26.50

Replace your single use paper towels with reusable paper towels! These reusable paper towels are washable, cute and work very well. This item in particular took me a while to transition to, I really didn't want to break the bank. So I finally found this brand on Etsy that was affordable, and what is great is you are supporting a small business while making your eco-friendly transition!

Link to purchase:

6. Kangen Water Machine for drinking, cleaning, cooking, watering plants, bathing and more for $133 / month

Stop buying plastic water bottles and harsh cleaners and invest in an Enagic Water Machine! This is definitely the most effective product on this list for my transition, however it is also the most costly. What most people don't know is that Kangen Water Machines are for much more than just drinking. The water it produces can be used for cleaning, bathing, skin care, polishing, degreasing, watering plants, taking medication, making baby formula, removing pesticides and SO much more. This machine produces water ranging from 2.5pH to 11.5pH, all of which have specific uses as mentioned above. Not only that, the drinking water it produces is full of antioxidants, and the machine itself is energy efficient. With this machine you will not need to buy single use plastic water bottles for drinking again, you can eliminate harsh cleaners from your home, and you can travel with it (TSA approved medical device).

Link to purchase:

email me at for more information, financing options, and more details.

7. Blueland Laundry Tablets

Light weight an much less bulky than a heavy jug of laundry detergent. These tablets are strong and get the job done. They are packaged sustainably in eco friendly pouches and are easy to store. Depending on the load size and soil amount I break the tablet down to whatever I think it needs. I love the easy of tossing a tablet in the load instead of having to lug a big jug down from the shelf and pour it into a tiny cup. My clothing come out clean, fresh, and stain free. There is no residue on the clothes and I have sensitive skin so that matters a lot to me. I really love these tablets!

Link to purchase:


As you can see, these options are affordable, long lasting, and most importantly eco-friendly. Making the transition to a more eco friendly lifestyle is so gratifying, educational, and customizable. You can discover so much about yourself, the Earth and new products and brands during this journey.

Thank you for reading~

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