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Cottonwood Hot Springs: Mountain Meditation Mecca


Cottonwood Hot Springs is a pure, geothermal, gravity-fed spring with 5 beautiful mineral water pools. Also on the property is a hotel, a few cabins, decorative ponds and a sauna. The pure, odorless spring water is filled into five beautiful rock pools ranging from approximately 57 to 105 degrees fahrenheit. Along the edge of the pools there is a building with a male and female changing room, shower, bathroom and cubby/changing area.

The Pools~

The two hottest pools are comfortably hot and towards the back, very relaxing at a perfect temperature. The next pool, the largest is my favorite at a mildly warm temperature that is absolutely magical. The next is cool but still steaming, and very nice pool for a comfortable temperature shock. And finally the polar plunge which very cold.

Minerals~ According to Cottonwood, their waters contain 15 minerals such as magnesium and lithium.

Clothing Status~ Bathing suit mandatory.

What to expect~

Cottonwood is the perfect mountain getaway for relaxing and meditating. The atmosphere was very calm and serene. I really loved the creek running through the property, and hearing it from the pools. The gift shop in the hotel lobby where you pay is really cool with great body products as well.

Pro Tip~

Pack a picnic and eat it in the lobby, the tables, or in the warmth of your car. Bring a super cold water or coconut water to drink while you soak.

What to bring~

Robe, towel, bathing suit, facial moisturizer (for after), flip flops/slides, picnic, water, wet bag for after.


$24/person (Check the official website for updates)

8am-midnight (Check the official website for updates)

Getting There~

The springs is only a few miles west from Buena Vista. It was 126 miles from Denver give it take depending on where you live, coming in at 2 hours and 15 minutes.

18999 County Road 306

Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

My Personal Thoughts~

This is my favorite resort style spring that I have been to so far. I loved how calm and empty it was. I went on a Saturday from 11am-2pm it was very private and easy to find alone space. The temperatures were amazing, transitioning from the hot pools to the large middle pool was sensational. The staff was accommodating and very nice. I would love to go back for an overnight stay in the cabins!

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