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Harvest Hosts: Paint Rock Farm in Hot Springs, NC

Paint Rock Farm Glamping & Retreat Venue in Hot Springs, NC

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Cabins overlooking the French Broad River

Paint Rock Farm is a beautiful farm nestled in the mountains overlooking the French Broad River. The farm has multiple glamping options, a bath house, fire pit, and community barn with wifi. This location is secluded and spacious, the perfect place to watch an eclipse or meteor shower under the right conditions. We were lucky enough to park our RV just right in order to view a lunar eclipse right our bedroom window. Lots of magic here.

Barn with wifi and corn hole.

The roads leading to the farm are curvy but still comfortable to navigate, and very scenic. There is a gravel driveway leading to the farm, it’s a little steep but we had no problems in our 27ft RV.

Entrance to the farm.

The driveway leading to the farm in the background.

The farm dogs were a big highlight, we would have adopted Nugget on the spot! Both dogs were very friendly and free roam the property.

Nugget escaping the rain on our couch.

There are lots of hiking options here that the host will provide information for. I also recommend having a soak at Hot Springs Resort & Spa.

This host also asks you not to run your generator past 8pm, so plan accordingly.

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