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Harvest Hosts: Mercier Orchard Blue Ridge, GA

Mercier Orchard in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Mercier Orchard is a scenic apple orchard located in Blue Ridge, Georgia. The orchard features many acres of fruit trees, sunflowers and other crops that you may walk amongst on the weekends. The orchard is also home to a massive on site market with a plethora of products made from the crops grown here, and more. The market is quite busy, so I recommend going early to have access to a wider selection since they often sell out of certain items daily such as the whole pies and fresh bread. Getting to the orchard is very simple and safe for big rigs. We arrived on a Saturday morning at 11am and were able to park to the right of the entrance near the red bus. If you do arrive on the weekends get there early, the parking lot quickly filled up once we arrived and stayed full until close at 5pm. We called the host prior to arriving and they told us where to park but didn’t pay special attention to us which was nice after a day of travel. We said our thanks when we made a purchase at the market and they were very nice and welcoming. We ask if they needed our information from Harvest Hosts and they politely said no, enjoy your stay, it was very chill. It’s also dog friendly, however I don’t think you can walk in the orchard during the week. We will be back!

Apple growing at Mercier Orchard

Sunflowers in bloom at Mercier Orchard in November.

Benji tied up outside the RV.

Sunset at Mercier Orchard 11/6/2021

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