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Iron Mountain Hot Springs: Riverside Serenity


Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a developed hot spring facility with 16 hot springs, a family pool, a jetted spa, bath house, bar, and cafe. This spring has a lot of history and has had a handful of owners dating back to the 1890s.

A Saturday evening at Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

The Pools~

There are 16 different soaking pools at Iron Mountain, all of varying temperatures, They are concrete bottomed, and have a benched seat around the perimeter. All entries to the pools have stairs and railing. The pools are named after gemstones, the sapphire pool was my favorite. There are large umbrellas and seating areas within the soaking area as well.


There are upwards of 14 varying minerals found within the water. The promonant minerals in the soaking pools are iron, sulfate, chloride, sodium and calcium. Throughout the facility there are informative signs providing details on each of the minerals found in the water composition.

Clothing Status~

Mandatory at all times.

View from the soaking area at Iron Mountain Hot Springs at sunset.

What to Expect~

A developed popular "resort style" spring with beautiful views, full facilities, and a variety of soaking areas. From my personal experience, roughly two hours is plenty of time at a hot spring, maybe less depending on your tolerance and intentions. ie: eating lunch, showering, spending time out of the water reading etc. There will be a waiver to be signed prior to soaking, and an RFID wristband granting you a free locker for storage of your belongings.

Pro Tip~

Go during the week or close to open / close. The weekend is a busy time. Always bring your own towel / robe to avoid additional fees.

What to Bring~

Towel, robe, flip flops, water, sunglasses / hat. Towels are available for rent


9am - 10pm daily Sept 3 to  May 21, 2020 Weekdays Adults $20 / Children $14 Weekends Adults $25 / Children $17

-- please refer to the official website to confirm business hours / fees. --

Getting There~

281 Centennial Street Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

My Personal Thoughts~

I enjoyed my time at Iron Mountain. The views were gorgeous, the option to buy a drink and or a snack is very convenient, the free lockers are great, and heated walkways was a nice touch.

Official Website~

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