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Laundry:How to Wash More Sustainably

Laundry is a part of life, no matter how often or seldom you do it, in the long run it can end up being wasteful. From the water and the electricity, to the detergent and its packaging. I am always looking for good ways to be more eco-friendly, so recently, I decided to try something that allows me to use less detergent. I might be as bold to claim it has changed how I will do laundry forever. This product has helped my laundry game become nearly detergent free. This something is the Wash Wizard!

The Wash Wizard is a silicone ball like shape filled with tiny beads that have the ability to raise the pH of the water in your washing machine. The high pH water acts as an emulsifier, dissolving dirt, grease, and oils out of your clothing. This is done with no chemicals or additives, just simple a pH adjustment.

My mom gifted me the wash wizard about a year ago, and I absolutely love it! I would say I use it on 80% of the washing that I do. It is also affordable and simple to use which I like.

Here are the main things I always use the Wash Wizard on: jeans, pajamas, t-shirts, general clothing items, towels, and sheets.

When it comes to dirty socks, deodorant stained shirts, or visibly dirty clothing with stains I opt for 1/4th of a cap full of plant-based laundry detergent alone, or I treat the stains and rinse prior to washing with the Wash Wizard. The tougher stains just don't come out all the way in one wash cycle using the Wash Wizard, which is fine. I still use it far more than the detergent.

Upkeep and how to use: The nice thing about the wash wizard is that there is minimal upkeep, and it is easy to use. When washing with the Wash Wizard, you simply place the wash wizard on the top of your laundry and start the wash cycle. As for upkeep, place it in the sun once or twice a month to “recharge” the pH beads.

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