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Strawberry Park: Enchanted Steamy Winter Wonderland


Strawberry Park is a hot spring located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It has 5 pools total. There are bathrooms and a small changing area onsite but no other facilities. It is nestled into the mountains and is surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery. Camping is available in the summer and there are a few cabins on site available to rent. Parking lot is not huge, so carpool with friends if possible, 4x4/AWD reccomended).

View from one of the smaller pools at Strawberry Park.

The Pools~

There are 4 hot pools, 2 large and 2 small, and 1 large cold pool. The two large pools were extremely hot. It was fabulous, but it was so hot that I had to rotate pools every 5 minutes or so. I even got into the freezing one to cool off a few times which is rare for me. There are 2 large hot pools at the bottom and up a few stairs are the other two hot pools which are smaller, and more suitable for longer soaks. One was big enough for 10-15 people and the other was big enough for 4-5. All of the pools were between 2-4.0 feet deep.

Looking over the waterfall at Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

Link to purchase swimsuit:

Clothing Status~

Bathing suits are mandatory.

What to expect~

This hot spring is popular for tourists, skiers and more so expect a lot of people on the weekends. Also expect a short downhill walk to the spring. Wear appropriate shoes if you're going in the winter as it is very slick.

Steep stairs leading to the springs at Strawberry Park.

Pro Tip~

Bring extra water, extra extra. This spring was so hot I went through more water than normal. Also wear shoes that are appropriate for winter weather according to the time you visit. Change in the bathrooms even though it is a little farther away from the spring, the floor is heated. There may be a line at the bathroom but the changing room (closer to the spring) was crowded, little lighting and I found it claustrophobic. The walk to the spring will be cold, but that is what your robe is for.

What to bring~

Robe, towel, bathing suit, lotion, flip flops/slides (for walking between the pools, bathroom etc), snacks if preferred, water, bag for wet items afterwards, dry clothes to change into, cash to get into the spring (no credit cards accepted).


$20 *cash only* (check official website below for updated prices).

Getting There~

If you are going in the winter or if there will be snow, you are required to drive a 4x4 or AWD car. There are fees for not following this rule. The address is 44200 County Road #36 Steamboat Springs, CO 80487.

Multiple feet of snow on the way up to Strawberry Park.

My Personal Thoughts~

I really enjoyed Strawberry Park, I would like to return at night, or sunset. Gorgeous location, and very popular. The second hottest spring I have been to at this point. Really convenient to Steamboat as well, short and beautiful drive up the mountain.

Official Website:

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