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Sustainable Swaps: This to That

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with the different ways people lived hundreds of years ago. The fact that people used to live without modern electricity, running water and pharmaceuticals has always interested me. I recall thinking at a very young age, if people could live that way back then, without all these modern luxuries, why has so much changed? Why are we so reliant on processed foods, microwaves, chemical enhanced cleaning products etc, I remember thinking. It took me until my early 20’s to realize that this fascination would soon transform my values, and ultimately my way of life. Since then I have been switching things up in my home and daily practices to be more sustainable and better aligned with my values.

This journey into a more sustainable lifestyle has taken a lot of time, dedication, research and money. So I decided to create a blog post that reflects my research, reasoning, and experiences with all these transitions. I hope this post brings you knowledge and encouragement to make sustainable changes for yourself and your family. If you have any personal experiences with these products, please share in the comments, I would love to hear what you have to say.

This post is not sponsored, and I do not intend to brand bash, I am simply trying to show you why a sustainable swap makes sense from an eco friendly stand point. I have researched each of the products below on my own, if you have found differing research from my finds below, please share! This post is intended to help others make an educated decision to switch from one product to a more sustainable one. I will be updating this post, and adding swaps to it over time. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, positive or negative, please comment or contact me at


This → That




THIS: Tree derived toilet paper

  • It takes roughly 384 trees to produce the amount of toilet paper that one person uses within their lifetime

  • It takes around 30,000 trees daily to fulfill the global demand of toilet paper

  • 40% of the worlds commercially cut timber is used for the production of toilet paper alone

  • A tree can take upwards of 30 years to be ready to cut for pulp production

THAT: Tree Free Green Brand Info

  • Tree Free Green toilet paper is produced with sugarcane husk and bamboo grass

  • Sugar cane is capable of regrowth in 12 months and bamboo grass can grow 3 inches in one day

  • No trees are used in the production of Tree Free Green toilet paper

  • Tree Free Green is the leading producer of tree free toilet paper globally

My Personal Opinions: The rolls are standard size, and 2 ply which doesn't bother me, but some may find it "too minimal". I like the packaging and the price!



IG: @simpletruth4u

THIS: Regular Mayonnaise

  • One of the primary ingredients in mayonnaise is eggs, eggs can be unethically sourced from chickens living an unhealthy and inhumane lifestyle

  • Mayonnaise is full of unhealthy fats and it contains little nutrition 

  • It is also high in cholesterol 

THAT: Simple Truth Plant Based Mayo

  • Lower saturated fats and fewer calories

  • No eggs, which means no mistreated chickens involved in production

  • Vegan 

My Personal Opinions: Personally, I can barely tell the difference between this and regular mayo. However I don't use mayo on its own often (on a sandwich etc), it's usually a recipe ingredient that gets mixed in, so that also plays into it.




THIS: Plastic Packaged Laundry Detergent

  • Leaves chemical residue on your clothing

  • Difficult to find the ingredients found in the detergents

  • Bad for the environment, especially soil health and aquatic life

  • Almost all detergent is packaged in thick plastic bottles that probably won't biodegrade in our lifetime

THAT: Blueland laundry tablets

  • Blueland is transparent about their ingredients, their laundry detergent tablets are free from the following: triclosan, parabens, phosphates, chlorine bleach, MEAs, DEAs, TEAs, SLES, petroleum, artificial dyes or fragrances

  • Packaged in cardboard paper packets that are environmentally responsible

  • The tablets work just as well if not better than traditional detergents, leaving behind no chemical residue

My Personal Opinions: I really like these! They are quick, efficient, require no measuring, and they all came in tact.




THIS: Bottled Water

  • Many bottled water brands contains fluoride and they are not always free of contaminants

  • 1/4th of all plastic water bottles are recycled, further polluting the environment

  • Millions of tons of carbon dioxide is emitted during the production process of the plastic bottles water is packaged in

  • 17 million barrels of oil are needed to make plastic water bottles in the USA for one year only

  • A plastic bottle can take up to 700 years to begin the decomposition process

  • Americans on average spend more than $300 a year on bottled water in one year

  • 45% of the available water bottle brands are nothing more than bottled tap water

THAT: Kangen Water Machine

  • You will never have to purchase a plastic water bottle again

  • This machine is a certified medical device, meaning it is TSA approved and able to be taken anywhere

  • It provides an assortment of water choices on the pH scale, meaning you can use the different pH waters to clean, degrease, bathe, water plants, sanitize, polish and much more. 

  • It is an energy efficient machine

  • Upkeep is minimal and affordable, monthly cleaning with a powdered solution and a yearly filter change

  • This gives you the choice to eliminate harsh cleaning chemicals from your home by using the strong acidic or strong alkaline waters to take their place

  • Kangen water hydrates your body quicker and more efficiently than all other waters due to the restructuring process the machine performs on the water molecules

  • Extremely high in antioxidants

My Personal Opinions: This water filter has changed my life, I have not bought a plastic water bottle in almost 2 years. I cook, clean, garden, bathe and more with this water. I will use this for the rest of my life.



IG: @barerepublic

THIS: Sunscreen With Harmful Ingredients

  • It is estimated that thousands of tons of toxic sunscreen end up in the ocean annually, harming marine health exponentially

  • An active ingredient in most sunscreen, Oxybenzone, is a major contributing factor to coral reef bleaching

  • Oxybenzone is banned in Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Key West, Palau and more in efforts to help marine health and put a stop to coral reef bleaching, yet MANY sunscreen brands still contain this chemical

THAT: Reef Safe Bare Republic Sunscreen

  • Chemical free, full of antioxidants, vegan formula with no synthetic fragrances, sulfates, or parabens.

  • Water resistant, dermatologist tested

  • Reef friendly

  • No Oxybenzone

My Personal Opinions: I love the faces sunscreen from this brand, it glides on and is super light. The body products are a little thick but I still use the mousse formula for my body.



IG: @silk

THIS: Cow Milk

  • Milk has been linked to prostate cancer

  • Milk has been linked to severe acne

  • Milk contains cholesterol, which is not optimal for maintaining a healthy heart

  • Females who consume high amounts of dairy products on a daily basis can be twice as likely to develop ovarian cancer during their lifetime

  • High in saturated fat

  • High consumption of milk can lead to weight gain

THAT: Silk Oat Yeah Oat Milk

  • Oat milk is filled with fiber, b vitamins, iron, calcium, and magnesium

  • Oat milk has a lower environmental impact than almond milk and cow milk

  • The production of oat milk takes less land and water than other plant based milk, and cow milk

My Personal Opinions: 10/10, I love this brand, I've cooked and baked with it on many occasions with no noticeable differences in outcome.



THIS: Honey

  • Honey bees are endangered, and they are facing habitat loss, and climate change worldwide

  • Bee breeders breed bees based on productivity, which has negatively impacted the honeybee gene pool which can eventually result in population decline

  • We depend on bees for pollination, without them crops will not survive unless large scale manual pollination practices are implemented and are proven successful

  • Most store bought honey is cut with other sugary sugars, so it is not pure honey

THAT: Agave

  • Agave is vegan and plant derived 

  • 1.5 times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a longer way

  • Easily dissolves in water

  • Naturally contains potassium, calcium, and magnesium

My Personal Opinions: Agave easily dissolves without heat which is handy, it also is much sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way, making it last longer. The taste is lighter and the texture is more runny, it also does not crystalize over time.



THIS: Standard Plastic Scrubber

  • The disposal of plastic worldwide is a growing issue

  • Plastic is cheap and less durable than other organic materials 

  • Plastic is not sustainably produced nor is it biodegradable

  • Plastic is one of the leading pollutants worldwide

  • Plastic is causing MAJOR problems for the oceans and marine life

THAT: Greenth Pro Dish Scrubber

  • The brush is made of oil resistant fibers, so it is easy to clean

  • The handle and frame is made from beech wood, it is smooth, splinter free, and resistant to high temperatures

  • The handle is detachable, so you can replace the scrubber head as needed

  • Great value one $13.99 pack contains 2 handles and 6 replacement brushes

  • Produced from natural raw material, making it eco friendly

My Personal Opinions: The bristles are very rough and tough, they do a good job scrubbing, and it also dries quickly, I love it!



IG: @notoxlife

THIS: Dish Soap

  • Many dish washing soap products contain sulfuric acid, which is a carcinogen, and can also burn the skin upon contact

  • Nearly all dish soap products contain fragrances that can contain up to 3000 chemicals that do not have to be listed on the ingredients label

  • Ammonium sulfate is found in many of these products, this chemical can cause gastrointestinal pain and can cause eye damage

THAT: No Tox Life Vegan Dish Block

  • Concentrated multipurpose block of soap that can be used anywhere cleaning is needed in the home

  • Made with biodegradable, vegan ingredients

  • Free of phosphates, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, and palm oil

  • Septic safe, cruelty free

  • Lasts for a very long time

My Personal Opinions: I love this bar and it works very well, a little goes a long way and it produces great suds. I think it will last me a few months or more with ease. Works well with course brushes and does not ware away easily while using these brittle brushes.



IG: @lovebeautyandplanet

THIS: Bottled Shampoo

  • Many shampoo brands contain numerous synthetic ingredients, including sulfates which negatively affects your natural scalp and hair oils

  • Many are NOT cruelty free, meaning products are tested on innocent animals

  • Some shampoos can cause damage to your hair follicles that can lead to hair loss over time

  • Just because you use "all natural" shampoo doesn't mean much, it is likely that lathering agents and chemically made up fragrances are still present in the bottle

  • The bottles the majority of shampoo is packaged in is not biodegradable

  • The chemicals found in shampoo eventually makes it into into our creeks, streams and oceans which is harmful to wildlife

  • A chemical called Sodium Laureth Sulfate, found in MANY shampoos is a mutagenic to animals


For now, I will recommend any of the No Tox Life shampoo bars. I haven't personally tried them, however, I am a BIG fan of the dish soap bar. This brand has proven to be trustworthy and loyal to sustainability. I have personally spoken with their team and feel comfortable recommending this brand. I will report back my findings as soon as I purchase a shampoo bar from them and am able to use the No Tox Life Shampoo Bar.

***EDIT: I have recently learned from a friend that the shampoo bar brand I was hoping to feature here is owned by Unilever. After researching this brand thoroughly for the feature and prior to purchase, I somehow never found this out. After doing some additional research on Unilever I have decided to remove the feature on this product due to the parent company, Unilever's poor commitment to sustainability.

NOTE TO READERS: This is a perfect example of how some sustainable brands may be owned by an unethical brand umbrella, it is important to inform others who may not be aware of things like this. Brands like this can attempt to make sure you don't know they are the parent company, so you still purchase their products. Lets work together to reveal these brands and share knowledge with one another to avoid falling into these traps!

Thank you for reading, please comment below any feedback, questions or concerns you may have!


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