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The Hobo Pool: Blue & Bubbly

Have you ever been so tickled with excitement for an adventure that you wake up hours before the sun to get there? Driving in the pitch black on backroads with the sun rising in the back window are my favorite ways to start an adventure.


The facility itself is quite nice for a free "built up" pool. There are three pools and a small area along the river where rock walls create runoff pools. There are changing and bathroom facilities directly beside the pools, they are heated might I add. The spring is free however donations are welcomed. There is a cleaning service that maintains this spring via the donation box, this service scrapes the ice off the sidewalks around the pools, picks up trash and maintains the bathrooms/changing areas. The Hobo Pool is located in a residential neighborhood along the North Platte River with multiple parking areas surrounding it. There is a large recreational swimming pool on site also, it is open May-September.

The sunrise getting into Wyoming on the way to Saratoga.

The Pools~

The main pool is the largest and hottest coming in at about 109 degrees. Within the large pool is a smaller pool built up with cement and rocks, this small pool is 118 degrees. There is a cylindrical shaped pool along the edge that is 108 degrees, this is where I spent most of my time and found it to be the most comfortable. The large pool was great but the 118 degree pool within it was too hot for me to get into! It was so wild to see and I found it so fascinating. One lady event had a container and was dumping the water from it onto herself. This spring was the hottest spring I have ever been to. The pools all have a gravel bottom and this lovely rainbow hue reflects on the rocks beneath. The pools are considered a historical location and are strongly believed to possess healing power. According to the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce, in the past Indian tribes considered this neutral ground and frequented the healing spring.

The cylinder shaped pool at The Hobo Pool.

Clothing Status~

Bathing suits required at all times.

What to expect~

A building with facilities and 3 pools with concrete stairs desending into the waters.

There is a shower and bathroom area that is heated with storage and hooks for personal items right beside the pools. I went at the end of February and there was snow and ice on the ground, it was also 11 degrees Fahrenheit. The water dripping off you onto the sidewalk froze immediately, so be prepared for ice surrounding the pools and entire area. I was there on a Sunday at 7:30am-9:30am there were 3-7 people there during my visit. Apparently weekend nights attract a crowd, there is no lodging or camping allows on premises. Alcohol and smoking is not permitted.

The runoff pools along the icy North Platte River at The Hobo Pool.

Pro Tip~

Bring appropriate shoes for between the changing rooms and going from pool to pool, there is a lot of ice. Switch between the hot pools and the warm ones along the edge of the river when you get too hot (wear robe for the walk in-between). Check the dry erase board between the changing rooms for the pool temperatures when you get onsite!

What to bring~

Robe, towel, bathing suit, body and/or face moisturizer, flip flops/slides, drinking water, wet bag for wet items, warm dry change of clothes.


Free, 24/7 365-- donations accepted.

Getting There~

The drive into Wyoming from northern Colorado was absolutely gorgeous. It was almost a straight shot from Denver, and minimal traffic at the time (4am MST). It took about three and a half hours total to get to Saratoga from Denver. This is the address:

699–799 Range View Ave

Saratoga, WY 82331

United States

My Personal Thoughts~

I really enjoyed the Hobo Pool, infact it was the hottest hot spring to date that I have been to. If you’re looking for a good lunch spot, Firewater Public House which is a short 4 minute drive from the spring is a great option. The food was delish and vegetarian friendly! Great selection of spirits as well. Big thumbs up to everything about this trip to Wyoming!

Donut holes and pimento biscuits at FireWater Public House in Saratoga, WY.

Official Website:

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