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Veggie Cream Cheese

This cream cheese has quickly become a staple in my home. After buying tub after tub of Tillamook Very Veggie, and Philadelphia Garden Veggie spreads I figured it was time I give it a shot myself.

This recipe is easily customizable as well, sometimes I throw in some jalapeños, and I have considered adding celery. The fire cider brings a flavorful twist to the mix and since I have a few gallons on hand, I naturally put a splash or two in mostly everything.

Fire Cider is a Tonic made from veggies, roots, fruits, herbs, that have been infused in Apple Cider Vinegar.I do highly recommend adding my fire cider, however this spread will still be great without it.

As always, all the veggies I cook with are washed in 11.5 Strong Kangen Water. Now if you haven't made the investment in a Kangen Machine, there are other natural ways to remove pesticides and chemicals from your produce.


5-10 baby carrots

2 tbsp fire cider

1 garlic clove 1/2 cucumber

1/2 sweet pepper

1/2 a bundle of green onion

1/3 purple onion a little salt & pepper

1. Allow cream cheese to reach room temp.

2. Peel cucumber and remove seeds from the sweet pepper.

3. Add all veggies, salt & pepper to food processor and chop / mince the veggies by hand.

4. Put the chopped veggies in a strainer and let it sit for 30 minutes.

5. Add the cream cheese to the veggies and add the fire cider.

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